The Week of the Author: Spotlight on Tableau Employees

Andy Cotgreave
am July 26, 2013

(This is the 5th blog post in a series celebrating “The Week of the Author”. So far we’ve interviewed six of our top authors, shined a spotlight on journalists and looked at our Tableau Zen Masters.) In this post, we're looking at some of more active Tableau employees.

It's no surprise that Tableau employs a bunch of passionate data geeks, many of whom have become active Tableau Public users. For some, they're part of the Tableau Public team and get to publish stuff as part of their day job. But what unites this list is that they are all people who also keep on playing with Tableau when they get home at night.

We hope you enjoy seeing some of the things our employees have created on Tableau Public. You'll find things such as an analysis of every UK number 1 song, oil production analysis, music festival data and chess games.

Click the image to open the author's profile page:

1. Alan Smithee

2. Christian Chabot

3. Andy Cotgreave (@acotgreave)

4. Ellie Fields (@eleanorpd)

5. Jewel Loree (@jeweloree)

6. Ben Jones (@DataRemixed)

7. Mike Klaczynski (@MikeKlacy)

8. Robert Morton (@TableauDataNerd)

We hope you enjoy seeing what we get up to in Tableau.

Our final post will be the Spotlight on YOU! There is still time to update your profile and tweet it using the hashtag #MyTableauPublic and we'll choose 5 lucky authors that will also be sent a super spiffy Tableau t-shirt!