Self-Quantifiers meetup at Tableau

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Veröffentlicht von Jewel Loreeam Mai 28, 2014

Last Thursday, we had the extreme pleasure of hosting the Seattle Quantified Self Meetup group here at Tableau headquarters in Seattle. The group was full of people who make interesting visuals and conclusions using data that they collect on themselves. There were a number of interesting tools and projects that people discussed.

We kicked off the night by looking at some of my personal data. I had data from a couple sources, mainly sleep data that I’ve tracked using SleepCycle and other data that I’ve collected via Reporter. We looked at when I got the best sleep and how other factors in my life, such as drinking caffeine or alcohol, affected my sleep. Here’s the dashboards we built:

Eric Jain was another presenter at the meetup. He also looked at sleep data, this time with a specific question in mind. He wanted to see if using bright monitors during the last three hours of the evening before bed had a negative effect on his sleep. You can see the dashboard he built in this video:

A presenter named Scott shared his distress at never really being sure where all his time went and how long it really takes for him to do things. He created a lightweight time tracking tool to see if he could get a better perspective of where his time went. He found that they very process of entering the data itself kept him on task more! You can learn more about his time tracker tool on GitHub.

We had a great time hosting the group and can't wait until the next Meetup! Be sure to check out the Seattle QS Meetup group if you are local, or find one near you.