Tableau Public and ONA14

Veröffentlicht von Tara Walkeram October 1, 2014

Last week the Tableau Public team traveled to the 2014 Online News Association conference in Chicago to talk data driven journalism with journalists, editors, and technologists from around the world. We set up a booth on Thursday morning with the anticipation that we'd lead a few mini training sessions and talk with conference attendees Thursday-Saturday. Little did we know that our booth would be buzzing with people nearly every minute from when we set up shop on Thursday until we tore down on Saturday.

The journalists who visited us at the Tableau booth came from a wide range of newsrooms such as the Chicago Tribune, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and to name just a few. Within these newsrooms, each person had a unique perspective on the types of data they'd like to explore in Tableau.

A large volume of the people that visited our booth said things along the lines of "my colleague uses Tableau and I want to learn more" and "Tableau is one of the things I want to learn at ONA14". Others walked by, saw the large monitor with a viz displayed and said "wow, what is this? Tell me more about Tableau". In fact, the desire to learn Tableau was strongly apparent in the conference attendees. A few conference attendees attended 7 or 8 of our scheduled 9 mini sessions. Talk about dedication to Tableau!

Thank you to those of you who came and visited our booth at ONA14! Here is one of the datasets that we explrored in the mini sessions if you'd like to find more stories. We also have a handful of training videos available which go in depth to many of the topics covered at ONA14 and more!

Also, thanks to ONA and the city of Chicago for having us! As always, if you have a viz you'd like to show us, please email us at

Also, we ate our share of Chicago style deep dish pizza...