2014 Year in Review

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Veröffentlicht von Ben Jonesam December 4, 2014

The Tableau Public team loves December: we get to take a look back at the year, appreciate once again the creations of talented data visualizers from around the world, and consider just how far the community has come.

In 2014, we launched Tableau Public for Mac(!), gave every viz it's own home page, and pondered the enlightening data stories you told us with our new Story Points feature. We met many of you at events like TC14, Tapestry, and Fanalytics, and we continued our trend of monthly blog themes, publishing guest posts by people we admire like Giorgia Lupi, Cole Nussbaumer, and Ryan Sleeper, to name just a few.

And to commemorate the year, we did what we do best - we created a viz:

Of course, no yearly review would be complete without rankings. In the coming weeks, we'll post a series of blog posts celebrating the "best of" 2014, including:

  • The 5 most viewed vizzes of 2014
  • The most widely read guest blog post of 2013, and the runner-up
  • The top 10 most viewed author profile pages of the year
  • A round-up of 2014 award winners, and
  • A link to vote for the Top 5 Best Vizzes of 2014

We hope you enjoyed 2014 as much as we did, and we're psyched about all the good things coming in 2015. We won't say any more than that. Have a great finish to the year, and, of course, Always Be Vizzing.


Hi Team,

I really appreciate the contest conducted which help the tableau user to explore learns and at the same time we learn from others creativity. I would like to be part of every month viz contest.

Please keep me posting on start of December viz makeover contest and when will we get common data to enter the contest. Which web site to check for data availability to enter the contest.

Thanks in Advance

This timeline view is awesome! I would like to do the same for team accomplishments. Can you make the wb downloadable so that I can see how you put this together? Thanks!