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Vorstellung von Tableau Public 2018.3: Heatmaps, transparente Blätter und vieles mehr

Tableau Public 2018.3 ist da! Welche Möglichkeiten bietet Ihnen Tableau Public 2018.3? Sie erstellen Heatmaps und weitere einzigartige Visualisierungen mit dem Markierungstyp für die Dichte...
vor 2 Monate

New Features: Discover more vizzes, share your inspiration

Tableau Public is a platform for data people around the world who are creating and publishing thousands of interactive data visualizations every week. With all those vizzes, it can be difficult to...
vor 3 Monate

Recapping Viz Games Thailand 2018

This year we hosted the first ever Viz Games Thailand 2018 at Tableau Experience Thailand! Our three finalists went head-to-head on stage, creating vizzes LIVE within 20 minutes using data from the...
vor 3 Monate

Get ready for Fanalytics at TC18!

It's that time of year again! Tableau Conference is around the corner, attendees are starting to plan their week, and we want to make sure Fanalytics is on your radar! If you are new to the Tableau...
vor 3 Monate

Finding data just became easier with Google Dataset Search

Finding data is not easy. Let’s say you’re working on a data visualization project and you have a rough idea of what you want to create, but you’re not sure where to find data, or what data to even...
vor 3 Monate

Hispanic Heritage Month: My Viz Pick

This guest blog post is written by Cristian Ordonez. Cristian loves writing, music, photography, traveling, and spending time outdoors. A recent graduate of Washington State University, Cristian...
vor 3 Monate

Iron Viz Water: The Winners

We have a winner! We were delighted to see all of the splashing vizzes from Iron Viz Water. With 78 submissions, it was the largest competition of 2018. The submissions have been...
vor 4 Monate
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