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Ten most-favorited vizzes to celebrate ten viz-tastic years of Tableau Public

For ten years, nearly 1.5 million data rockstars worldwide have explored, created, and shared over three million incredible interactive vizzes on Tableau Public. From music to sports and politics,...
vor 3 Monate

Reimagining the Tableau Public Viz Gallery

If you’ve been to Tableau Conference in the past, you may be familiar with the Tableau Public Viz Gallery. Each year, the Tableau Public Team handpicks a collection...
vor 3 Monate

Everything you need to know about Iron Viz 2020

We are less than a week away from the ultimate viz showdown—Iron Viz 2020. This year's finalists, Alex Jones, Christian Felix, and Simon Beaumont, rose to the top from hundreds of incredible health...
vor 3 Monate

Get the most out of Iron Viz 2020

The countdown has begun to our—and, we assume, your—favorite time of year: Tableau Conference. This year’s Conference comes with a twist—it’s 100% virtual. And along with it comes...
vor 4 Monate

Find out the results of the 2020 Iron Viz Qualifier Contest on health and wellness data

The results for the 2020 Iron Viz Qualifier Contest are in! This year, we challenged you to visualize data on the topic of health and wellness, and we received a record number of 372 entries—86% of...
vor 4 Monate

Behind the Viz: Seffana Mohamed-Ajaz talks creating a viral data visualization

Get to know your fellow Tableau Public authors with Behind the Viz, a blog series where we explore the people and processes behind our featured vizzes. IINTRODUCING SEFFANA! Seffana is...
vor 4 Monate

Explore over 370 Iron Viz entries on health and wellness data

Get ready to be blown away...the entries for the 2020 Iron Viz global qualifier contest are in! This year, we challenged you to visualize data on the topic of...
vor 5 Monate
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