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First-time Iron Viz participants share their experience

No matter what stage you're in on your data journey, there's always something new to learn, and the Iron Viz qualifier competitions offer the perfect opportunity. Maybe you want to try a different...
vor 3 Monate

Notes from an Iron Viz Judge

Although this year’s competition will unfold on the screen instead of the big stage, Tableau’s Iron Viz remains the most incredible, intense “race” to create the perfect viz, and you don’t want to...
vor 4 Monate

Introducing the COP26 Climate Change Conference #Viz4ClimateAction challenge

Tableau Public has teamed up with TheSDGVizProject, short for Sustainable Development Goals, to promote a month-long challenge looking at the effects of the climate crisis. #Viz4ClimateAction is a...
vor 4 Monate

The Tableau Public Viz Gallery showcases interactive resumes

This week we added some interactive resumes from our student community to Gallery A in the Tableau Public Viz Gallery. Interactive resumes are a unique way to stand out to recruiters and show off...
vor 4 Monate

2 million data visualization authors and counting

I have some exciting news to share with you! The two millionth person recently signed up for a Tableau Public profile. Two million people using our free platform to explore, create, and publicly...
vor 4 Monate

Introducing our 2021 Tableau Public Ambassadors

Tableau Ambassadors evangelize our brand, our products, and our community. The Ambassador program recognizes leaders who share our passion for helping people see and understand data—and make the...
vor 4 Monate

6 lessons learned about data communication from the Iron Viz 2021 Feeder

Last week I had the honor of announcing the winners of the 2021 Iron Viz feeder competition. The theme was joy, and the entries definitely brought me joy. Iron Viz is amazing, not just because of the...
vor 5 Monate
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