Tableau Public 7.0 is here!

on January 11, 2012

We've just released Tableau Public 7.0, and jam-packed it with new features.

You can see two of the biggest – filled maps and area charts – in the visualization below.

    Filled maps are a beautiful, easy to understand way of seeing geographic data.

    Area charts let you see simultaneously how both the individual elements of your data and the sum of their parts change over time.

There are lots of other improvements, including maps that wrap and automatically center themselves on your data, smarter place names (if you have data with “South Korea,” “Republic of Korea,” or “S. Korea” don’t worry, it will all end up on the right place on your map), and multiple mark types on maps so you can look at two levels of data in the same view.

Mapping with multiple mark types (pie charts on filled maps).

Easier and Faster

We’ve also made Tableau Public easier to use with an improved interface and better training resources.

    Training: We’ve revamped our training videos, dividing them into specific problems and actions so you can get answers to your questions faster. Check out our new training page.

    Show Me: This improved button lets you build views and switch between them in just a couple of clicks. Check out this 50 second video to see it in action:

We can’t wait to see your new 7.0 vizes on the web. Tweet us your new vizes at @tableau – we love to see them!


I'm about to abandon PCs and the only program that's keeping me from doing it is Tableau. I know about running Tableau in a box but it is too slow.


I put my voice as well. A MAC version is a MUST!! If Tableau move to Mac plataform would have a great audience- including myself.


I was sold today, went to purchase and realized that there was no Mac version. Now I'm off to find something else.

BTW--Bootcamp, etc. doesn't count.

Very cool software!


If in numbers there is strength, then count my vote in for a MAC version, puh-leeease!

Well, again ... is a Mac version coming up soon (running Windows in a Mac just cause of Tableau it's not a real option)!

I dont know where this site makers have got the MAPs from, but I am sorry to say that they have commited a blunder. In the map of central asia/africa and europe (combined) a part of the "Jammu And Kashmir" state of India is wrongly shown as a part of pakistan. Pakistan has illeagly occupied the part and this matter is the major cause of political tension in Asia.
I request the site owners to kindly mend this. At least show it as a 'disputed territory' if not a part of the original country!

Utterly depressed. Bought a MacBook this week and the first thing I planned to instal was Tableau Public. Only to discover it doesn't work on Macs. PLEASE LISTEN TO THE DEMAND FOR YOUR GREAT WORK!

A couple years ago, I actually got my employer to buy Parallels and Windows 7 just to use Tabeau Free. Tableau was great, Parallels and Windows 7, not so much. My Mac became slow and weird and not worth it. Haven't used Tableau since. Really wish I could use it again. You have such a great product, but are alienating a huge portion of the population. Thought you'd have a Mac version by now, a few years later! All we can do is ask and hope you respond. Thanks.

Please, please hurry! The virtual environment is not practical for those of us running multiple applications at once and your product is too good to leave out of the Mac mainstream! Stop thinking and start coding.

A while back I gave up on clamouring for a MAC version. but hearing the clamouring and the fact that I'm using it again (on a borrowed windows machine) has inspired me to clamour some more.

Bring me my MAC version of Tableau!

Another vote here for a Mac version. Tableau on a Mac with Adobe Creative Suite would be a powerful combination.