2015 Snapshot of New Tableau Public Authors

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Posted by Jade Le Vanon December 30, 2015

The year 2015 was another great one for Tableau Public! But we don't want to sound too self-congratulating here, so let's just mention two of of this year's achievements. First, a few weeks after the Tableau Conference in Las Vegas, we passed the 150,000 active-authors milestone. The community keeps growing and flourishing, to our utmost pleasure. Second, our viewership is becoming increasingly international, with up to 75 percent of weekly views coming from outside the US and Canada. How amazing is that?

Representative of the ever-growing community of authors from all over the world, this 2015 snapshot of new Tableau Public authors will take you to Argentina, El Salvador, Germany, Norway, and Spain. So tighten your seatbelts and enjoy the flight!

Datenjournalismus bein Stern- Germany

We start this snapshot of 2015 new authors with the Tableau Public profile of German weekly magazine Stern. Founded in 1948, this news magazine has been embedding simple maps and charts like the following as part of its articles. Adding context and interactivity to the stories, some of Stern's Tableau Public visualizations have gathered more than 100,000 views. This shouldn't be a surprise as the magazine is strong with more than 800,000 Twitter followers.

El Faro - El Salvador

El Faro, the second author we are showcasing, has a very different profile. Founded in 1998, it prides itself in being the first online newspaper of Latin America. Based in El Salvador, it aims at shedding a light on local events such as homicides and violence in the country. As a result, El Faro's most viewed Tableau Public visualization is a simple bar chart showing the evolution of the homicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants in Salvador. The original article accompanying in which the graph was embedded is available in English.

Redaksjonen Journalisten - Norway

Last year, we were highlighting the work of Hanne Løvik from Norwegian newspaper ABC Nyheter. This year, we'd like to spotlight the Tableau Public profile of Journalisten. The historical magazine of the Norwegian Union of Journalists which abandoned print form in 2015 to become 100 percent online. Written for media and editorial professionals, its biggest hit to date is the following visualization showing the split of national subsidies to the press.

These three newspapers have very distinct histories and trajectories, yet they all decided to use Tableau Public to tell their data stories, joining major newspapers such as most viewed Tableau Public author La Nación or Spanish newspapers El Diario and El Mundo.

Finally, and faithful to our pledge of showcasing the diversity of the Tableau Public community, we'd like to address a type of authors on the rise: the community newspapers with a very local angle. Here are two examples of this growing phenomenon.

El CRisol de Ciudad Real - Spain

El CRisol de Ciudad Real is a local online newspaper and presents itself as an alternative to the existing media model. Focusing on the life of the city, it has built a regular viewership of about 400 viewers per visualization since it started using Tableau Public in August. The below time series exemplifies the kind of graphs that El CRisol includes in its articles. It shows the evolution of the two main Spanish parties' results in general elections.

Diario de Cuyo - Argentina

Covering news from all over the central-west Argentinian region of Cuyo, Diario de Cuyo is another example of a smaller size newspaper using data visualization to share information with its readership. Uncomplicated bar charts are used to communicate survey results or public data such as the number of complaints by department below.

But let's be clear: As pleased as we are to see an increasing number of national and local newspapers adding Tableau Public visualizations to their articles, we still cherish individuals who come to Tableau Public to experiment the power of data visualization and play with data they're passionate about.

So congratulations to all the new authors who joined the Tableau Public community in 2015! We hope you've enjoyed the ride so far, and we look forward to seeing more of you in 2016.