Politics Month Roundup: 5 Notable Vizzes

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Posted by Jenny Richardson June 30, 2016

With the Brexit vote and the US presidential race, we've had a lot to viz about during Politics Month.

We’ve seen a number of insightful and eye-catching vizzes by you, our community. Here are just a few of them.

Showing a Whole Century of Change at a Glance

This heatmap by Jacob Olsufka shows the results of all past US elections in a simple and elegant way. The colors and their intensity indicate the depth of support for each party. And the clean, grid-design layout gives us a century’s worth of change at a glance.

And that’s not all. Hover over the viz to see Jacob’s color-coded tooltips.

Visualizing the Small Shifts in Tight Races

Matt Chambers’s small-multiples area chart covers nearly 70 years of US election cycles. Whereas the heatmap shows intensity of support, Matt’s chart shows the ups and downs of the parties in each state.

Matt smartly arranged the small multiples in the shape of a US map. He also included a 50-percent reference line on each chart, making it easy to see just how closely divided the contests typically are.

Using Custom Shapes to Map Electoral Boundaries

The Policy Innovation Hub visualized Queensland’s electorates by population, income, housing, and education. The mapped census data helps us get to know the residents of Australia’s second-largest state. It also shows us which seats to watch in the next election cycle.

The viz uses custom shapes to map electoral boundaries. And check out the “hover here for instructions” button in the upper-right corner. It’s a sheet with a detailed tooltip—a clever way to provide more information while taking up minimal space on the dashboard.

Filtering All the Things!

TangibleVitz visualized the results of the Korean National Assembly’s elections, which took place earlier this year.

This rich, interactive viz highlights the nationwide party distribution and support around Korea for different parliamentary initiatives.

Check out the district mapping on both the large and small maps. And the viz has lots of great filtering, too—from large map to small map, from pie chart to both maps, and from color key to everything.
And don’t miss the dropdown menu for additional views of the data.

Using Data to Drive Action

Andre de Vries built a vis to show support for a Brexit do-over. His hex map shows concentration of petition signatures, but he marries that with a bar chart showing party support. Look closely and you'll see a link to the petition, too.

And that’s a wrap for Politics Data Month! But don’t stop vizzing and sharing. Share your work with us in the comments below, or tweet them to us @tableaupublic.