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6. Connecting to PDFs

Learn how to connect to data in PDFs directly in Tableau


  • Connecting to PDF data tables
  • Union
  • Cleaning up imperfect tables
  • Dealing with null values
  • Fixing headers and pivoting
  • Re-aliasing members of a field
  • Recreating Groups and Hierarchies
  • Tips on working with PDFs

Files: Amazon Stock Prices (.pdf)
New Zealand: Water Physical Stock Account 1995–2010 (.pdf)

22. Edit Vizzes on the Web (2:45)

Once you have saved a viz to your profile, see how you can edit from your browser.


  • Create a new sheet from a browser
  • Create a calculated field from a browser
  • Edit a dashboard from your browser

Viz: Global CO2 Emissions

8. Data Preparation – Pivoting your Data (4:54)

Learn how to pivot your data structure in Tableau


  • Why you might need to pivot your data structure
  • How to use Tableau Public’s pivot function

Data: World Bank CO2 (.xlsx)

21. Adding a custom Viz in Tooltip (2:49)

Learn how to show a different level of detail with the Viz in Tooltip feature


  • How to create a viz in tooltip
  • Resizing your viz in tooltip

Data: World Indicators Sample Data (.tde)
Viz: Viz In Tooltip

9. Data Preparation – Splitting your Data (2:26)

Learn how to split a field into multiple fields in Tableau


  • Why you might need to split a field in Tableau Public
  • How to use Tableau Public’s split function

Data: World Bank CO2 (.xlsx)

1. Tableau Public Overview (7:10)

Learn the basics of creating visualizations with Tableau Public


  • Connecting to data
  • Creating Sheets and Dashboards
  • Publishing to the web

Data: World Bank CO2 (.xlsx)
Viz: CO2 Emissions

10. Data Preparation – Joins and Unions (6:28)

Learn how to join multiple data sets together in Tableau


  • What are joins and unions
  • How to join two data sets together
  • How to union multiple data sets

Data: World Bank CO2 (.xlsx)

2. Connecting to Excel and Text Files (4:32)

Learn how to connect to data in Microsoft Excel and CSV files


  • Connecting to data in Excel
  • Connecting to data in CSVs

Data: World Bank CO2 (.xlsx)

11. Creating Your First Chart (2:34)

Find out how to create your first chart in Tableau Public


  • How to create a chart by double clicking on fields
  • How to add extra levels of information to your viz

Data: World Bank CO2 (.xlsx)

3. Connecting to Google Sheets (3:15)

See how to connect to data in Google Sheets, and how to enable auto-update on your viz


  • Connecting to data in Google Sheets
  • Enabling Google Sheets viz auto-update

Data: World Bank CO2 (.xlsx)

12. Using the Show Me Tool Bar (4:15)

Find out how to create multiple visualization types using the Show Me Tool Bar

  • The Show Me tool
  • Overview of Chart types

Data: World Bank CO2 (.xlsx)

4. Connecting to Web Data Connectors (2:16)

Learn how to connect to Web Data Connectors


  • What a Web Data Connector is
  • How to connect to Web Data Connectors

Data: World Bank CO2 (.xlsx)

13. Understanding the Logic of Charts (5:05)

Learn about the logic of how Tableau Public creates charts


  • Overview of Dimensions and Measures
  • Overview of Columns and Rows shelf
  • Overview of the Marks card

Data: World Bank CO2 (.xlsx)

5. Connecting to Spatial Files (6:03)

See how to build maps with spatial files


  • How to connect to spatial data
  • Create a map with a spatial file
  • How to join other data sets to a spatial file

Files: River Basin Spatial File
London Boroughs Spatial File
Carbon Emissions (.xlsx)

14. Combining Sheets on a Dashboard (5:27)

See how to combine your visualizations together on a dashboard


  • How to combine sheets on a dashboard
  • How to re-arrange and add items to a dashboard

Data: World Bank CO2 (.xlsx)
Viz: Combine Sheets on a Dashboard

17. Creating Stories (5:55)

Learn how to turn your data into a cohesive narrative using Story Points


  • See examples of data stories
  • Learn how to create story points

Data: World Bank CO2 (.xlsx)

15. Adding Interactivity to Dashboards (4:30)

Learn how to add interactivity to your dashboards


  • See how to add filter actions
  • See how to add highlight actions

Data: World Bank CO2 (.xlsx)
Viz: Adding Interactivity to Dashboards

18. Formatting Story Points (6:54)

Make your stories come to life with these formatting tips


  • Learn how to fit your dashboards to the story points
  • See how to format the story points
  • See how to add annotations to your story

Data: World Bank CO2 (.xlsx)

16. Dashboard Formatting (4:05)

Make your dashboards functional and look fantastic with these formatting tips


  • See how to quickly globally format your dashboards
  • Tips to add titles and instructions to your dashboard

Data: World Bank CO2 (.xlsx)
Viz: Dashboard Formatting

19. Designing for Mobile with the Device Designer (12:29)

Learn how to make your viz look great on any device with the Device Designer feature


  • Preview how your viz will look on multiple devices
  • How to add a device specific view
  • Tips on fitting your viz to device sizes

Data: World Bank CO2 (.xlsx)
Viz: Device Designer Dashboard

20. Publishing and Embedding Vizzes (4:01)

Once you have made your viz, see how you can share it


  • How to save a viz to the web
  • Edit your viz details
  • How to use the viz URL and embed codes

Data: World Bank CO2 (.xlsx)

7. Data Preparation – The Data Interpreter (4:29)

See Tableau Public’s ideal data structure, and learn how to use the Data Interpreter to clean data


  • How your data should (ideally) be structured
  • How to clean your data using the Data Interpreter

Data: World Bank CO2 (.xlsx)


FIFA World Cup Match Results

Matchups and results of FIFA World Cup matches from 1930 - 2014. Source:
Dataset (xlsx)

2018 FIFA World Cup Rosters

Goals, caps, club, and date of birth for players on 2018 FIFA World Cup rosters. Source:
Dataset (xlsx)

FIFA 18 Player Ratings

17k+ players, 70+ attributes extracted from FIFA 18. Source:
Dataset (csv)

ATP Top-Ranked Singles Tennis Players

Association of Tennis Professionals' (ATP) Men's and Women's top-ranked players from 1973-2018. Source: Wikipedia
Dataset (csv)

Wimbledon Champions

Men's and Women's championship matchups from 1877-2016. Source: Wikipedia
Dataset (csv)

Tour de France Statistics

Winner, distance, speed, location, and more about Tour de France since 1903. Sources: Knoema, Wikipedia
Dataset (xlsx)
Public data

Airbnb Listings in New York City

30,478 Airbnb listings in New York City. This data was compiled from Inside Airbnb.
Dataset (xlsx)

FAA Wildlife Strikes, 2015

This is a cleaned table of wildlife strikes from 2000-2015 in the United States. Visit the FAA Wildlife Strike Database which contains records of wildlife strikes reported by airlines, airports, pilots, and other sources.
Dataset (xlsx)

University Advancement, Donations, and Giving

This is a table of donations made to Universities in the United States. The donation amounts and locations in this data set are not real as they are intended for training purposes only.
Dataset (xls)

Worldwide Undersea Communications Cables, June 2016

This is a consolidated list of undersea communications cables, last updated in June 2016. Data is from, and a complete change log and listing of cables is on that site as well.
Dataset (zip)

New Zealand: Water Physical Stock Account 1995–2010

Water is a valuable resource. The New Zealand Government provides information on national and regional water balance (inflows, outflows, and changes in storage size) from 1995-2000.
Dataset (pdf)

U.S. Construction Spending, by value and category, 2002-16

The Value of Construction Put in Place Survey provides monthly estimates of the total dollar value of construction work done in the U.S. The survey covers construction work done each month on new structures or improvements to existing structures for private and public sectors. Data provided by from the U.S. Department of Commerce.
Dataset (csv)

Consolidated Screening List for Export Controls - U.S.

The consolidated screening list is a list of parties for which the United States Government maintains restrictions on certain exports, reexports or transfers of items. Includes entity names, addresses, associated vessels, and dates. Data provided by from the U.S. Department of Commerce.
Dataset (csv)

U.S. Home Sales, 1963-2016

National and regional data on the number of new single-family houses sold and for sale. Also provides national data on median and average prices, the number of houses sold and for sale by stage of construction, and other statistics. From the U.S. Census, Economic Time Series Indicators. Data provided by from the U.S. Department of Commerce.
Dataset (csv)

Star Wars Character Details

Details of Star Wars characteristics including weights, hair colour and birth planets via Github.
Dataset (json)

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