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Vizzes from Around the World: Italy's Got Talent!

Italy is famous for its food, wine, and monuments, but have you heard of its flourishing dataviz community? We're taking you on a journey to discover the work of top Italian data journalists and...
1 week ago

New Feature: Favorite a Viz!

Great news for Tableau Public authors: we've just added a new Favorite feature to viz home pages to let you indicate which vizzes you like the most! Think a fellow author did a particularly great job...
1 week ago

Announcing our Student Viz Assignment Contest Round 2 Winners!

We just wrapped up the second round of our Student Viz Assignment Contest and—wow—we were impressed by the results. We received over 250 submissions from students around the world at schools such as...
1 week ago

Iron Viz goes on Safari! Enter the Contest With a Wild Wild Viz!

You dream of becoming the next Iron Viz champion? Then grab your laptop and get ready, because Iron Viz is back! After a lot of brainstorming, we've decided it was time for adventure! Picture a...
1 week ago

Meet Tableau 10.3

Tableau 10.3 helps you sharpen your data analysis with new data connector and smart data prep and exploration features. What's new in 10.3? Turn data stored in PDF tables into measures and dimensions...
3 weeks ago

Connect to PDF Data Directly in Tableau 10.3

Rahim Bhojani is a Senior Engineering Manager for Tableau. This post first appeared on Tableau's blog on 28 March 2017 We are making it even easier to connect Tableau to your data and...
3 weeks ago

#MyRecentViz: Where is my team in the league table?

Editor’s note: This piece is part of the #MyRecentViz series of blog posts and webinars, each deconstructing a beautiful and insightful viz. See here for previous instalments of this series....
1 month ago
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