Mish Explores Texas Ratios to Find Troubled Banks

on March 19, 2010

Mike Shedlock started Mish's Global Economic Analysis to share groundbreaking new perspectives on the economy. His 30,000 subscribers show he must be doing something right! This week, he has enlisted Tableau Public to help him do his dirty work: finding banks that are very likely to fail. Take a look at the viz he made below.

Banks with a high Texas ratio and low capitalization are at a high risk to fail. The dots on the map represent banks at varying degrees of distress... the darker the dot the more trouble they are in. Looks like the Sunbelt is a tough place to be a banker at the moment.

What we like about this viz

Text formatting: The simple differences between title, subtitle, tool tip (pop up) and headings are intuitive and not too much to handle. The temptation with fonts is to do too much, but generally its best to keep the number of different fonts on a page to three.

Varied Metrics: Although the Texas ratio is important, Mish has made sure to include other supporting metrics in this visualization. The user is allowed to make their own decision, instead of being forced to see that of the author.