The Worlds Best Value Brand

on May 13, 2011

This week, MillwardBrown came out with their annual list of the worlds Most Valuable Brands. Apple topped the list with a staggering $153B brand valuation, but what brand is the best value? Although Apple's brand is worth the most, Apple stock is at almost record highs. Therefore, owning a piece of the worlds most valuable brand is quite expensive.

Not to worry! We combined the top 30 brands with market capitalization data to see which brands could be purchased for a song. It turns out that Apples arch-nemesis, Blackberry (RIM)'s brand value is actually worth more than the entire market cap of the company. In other words, if you buy $1 of RIM stock, you are purchasing $1.05 of brand value. Compare that to Apple, where a $1 investment gets you about $.45 in brand value.

Obviously, there are dozens of factors that go into a companies valuation, like earnings, future prospects, and in RIM's case, hefty competition. Nevertheless, some of these brands are looking awfully cheap!