Data Communications Fellowship = Free Tickets to Hot Conference

on October 1, 2012

On November 9 and 10th, Eric Klotz is putting together an event in New York City exploring the evolution of communication and data. It looks to be a fantastic event, with attendees such as Hilary Mason, Simon Rogers and a bunch of others with pretty interesting things to say. It’s called the Visualized Conference.

We’re partnering with Visualized to sponsor a fellowship to give three people tickets to the conference, which is expected to sell out (and will cost you $799 if you can get a ticket). The way to win the Fellowship is to create a visualization using any public data set and Tableau Public.

It’s that simple: Find some public data. Tell a story. Win the Fellowship. Hobnob with design & data geeks.

To enter, check out the Data Communications Fellowship details.

If you’re looking for inspiration, try browsing our Viz of the Day gallery. And if you haven’t, download Tableau Public. Then get some data and get that fellowship!