Elite 8 Viz Makeover Contest

Jewel Loree
on March 27, 2013

March Madness is in full swing and here at Tableau, we aren’t immune to it. But what we are really “mad” about are all the fantastic new features in Tableau Public 8, which are now available for the world to enjoy! To help celebrate the release, we are holding a very special viz contest. The Elite 8 Makeover Contest!

Creating an entry for the Elite 8 contest is simple. Take a dashboard created in Tableau Public 7 or earlier (like this one, this one, this one or maybe one that you find in the Tableau Public Gallery) and use Tableau Public 8 to make it better. Make it easier to use, understand, and look at. Make it tell the story of the data better that it did before. Submit a viz with the original and made-over versions in tabs so that our judges can see how much further you've taken the data thanks to the awesome new features in Tableau Public 8. Daniel Hom took an old MLB viz and utilized freeform dashboards to make it more readable and interactive. Check it out:

Keeping with all things new and better, this contest will be following an exciting new format. Our panel of Tableau employee judges will score your viz makeover on improvement to storytelling, design, and utilization of new features. The top 8 contestants will then be seeded into a March Madness style bracket where they will be matched up against each other. The way to win is with YOUR votes! During each round, votes will be counted via tweets using assigned hashtags. Whoever gets the most votes will move on the next round until only a champion remains!

In addition to Tableau fame and data storytelling bragging rights, the Elite 8 champion will also take away a free roundtrip ticket to attend the 2013 Tableau Customer Conference. This includes 3 night’s accommodations in Washington DC and a chance to compete in the Iron Viz championship with the winners of our two other upcoming contests. The winner of Iron Viz will take away a new iPad, and $2,000. But that's not all! Our runner up will win a $500 gift card.

Do it for the fame. Do it for the glory. Do it for the fabulous prizes. Do it in Public!

For more information and to submit entries to the Elite 8 Viz Makeover Contest, check out the contest page.