The Week of the Author: Spotlight on YOU!

on July 26, 2013

(This is the 6th and final blog post in a series celebrating “The Week of the Author”. We also interviewed six of our top authors, shined a spotlight on journalists, the Tableau Zen Masters, and Tableau Employees. In this final post we highlight the 5 winners of the #MyTableauPublic contest.)

First, thank you to all the participants in this week's #MyTableauPublic campaign. We appreciate your participation, and we applaud the great work included in your Tableau Public author profiles. You helped make "The Week of the Author" what it was meant to be: a celebration of your data visualization talents.

We chose 5 winners at random from the group of authors who tweeted a link to their profile along with the hashtag #MyTableauPublic. Additionally, two authors' names were drawn that were previously showcased this week, so while we didn't include them in this blog post, they will also take home a t-shirt (congrats Joe Mako and Ramon Martinez!)

Without further ado, here are the winners:

Click the image to open the author's profile page:

1. Jeffrey Shaffer, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

2. Ryan Chauvin, The Black & Gold Review

3. Robert Tufts, Annapolis, MD

4. Mat Hughes, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, Minneapolis, MN

5. Tanya Cashorali, Comlinkdata, Boston, MA

Again, thanks to everyone for participating. The launch of author profiles made it an exciting week for all of us here at Tableau. The Tableau Public team likes to think of every week as "The Week of the Author", but this week gave us an opportunity to shine that spotlight a little brighter.

If you haven't yet downloaded Tableau Public, we hope these author profiles have encouraged you to get started. For even more inspiration, be sure to visit our Viz of the Day page, where we find and showcase one amazing visualization every weekday.

Thanks again, and happy visualizing!