Attention Twitter addicts: get bigger, better Tableau tweets

on August 22, 2013

When I see a great Tableau Public viz, I tweet it. Say I find this viz about the NY Mayoral Race. I’m going to tweet that!

Last week, when I tweeted a Tableau Public viz on the NYC mayoral election, my tweet looked like this:

A great viz… which got a little lost in the Twitter feed between news stories and cat videos. But not anymore.

Tableau’s new twitter cards have a big image and more information about the viz:

Twitter cards will help authors get readers' attention and will make Tableau visualizations much more share-worthy. And on the whole we hope that Twitter cards will keep data at the forefront of public conversations, right where many of them are happening—on Twitter.

There’s more coming. We’re getting a custom URL shortener, because anyone who’s anyone has a custom URL shortener. And, my favorite feature, we’ll be adding the author’s twitter hashtag to the tweet as well, so you can go find who did the viz. The author just needs to have a twitter account listed on his or her author profile, like Kate does:

See you in the Twittersphere!