ONA13, La Nacion and Data Journalism

on October 28, 2013

The 2013 Online News Association conference was held in Atlanta earlier this month, and Tableau was there meeting with journalists who are interested in using Tableau Public to enhance their stories with interactive data. Over 1,500 attended the conference, which culminated in the 2013 Online Journalism Awards banquet.

At the awards banquet, twenty nine different awards were presented to online newspapers, both large and small, for outstanding work in the field of online journalism. The full list of finalists, winners and judges can be found on the ONA website here.

Among the finalists for "General Excellence in Online Journalism, Large" was La Nacion, the online newspaper centered in Buenos Aires, Argentina. No online newspaper has been more successful than La Nacion in using Tableau Public to bring data to the forefront of the news. Earlier this year, La Nacion won one of eight Data Journalism Awards presented by the Global Editors Network for their work covering Argentina's Senate expenses. La Nacion is regularly featured on Viz of the Day, and in our most recent Quarterly Top 100, they accounted for a full twenty five of the one hundred most viewed visualizations.

Prior to the awards banquet, Momi Peralta and Flor Coelho of La Nacion delivered a presentation called "Data Journalism, No Excuses!". In their presentation, Peralta and Coelho described how La Nacion built an award-winning data journalism team from the ground up in merely two years. The theme of the message was that if La Nacion could build such a team without any programmers, and in a country with very little access to data, then anyone can do it.

Here are the slides from their presentation, along with an inspirational video and one of their most impressive Tableau Public visualizations:

The slides:

The video:

A recent Tableau Public viz by La Nacion

To see the reaction to the presentation on twitter, search for the hashtag #NoExcusesData. Here are just a few of the tweets about the session:

We’re proud to work with La Nacion and all the other great news teams who figure out, day after day, how to do great journalism in the face of scarce resources. We're inspired by their determination to do whatever it takes to tell the stories that need to be told, and we're delighted to see that data is playing an increasingly important role in telling those stories effectively.

"Data to the People!"