November is #TableauStatsMonth

on November 7, 2013

If last month's #TableauDesignMonth was the pumpkin pie, this month's #TableauStatsMonth is the turkey dinner. The two go hand-in-hand, because we're big believers that data visualizations should be both clear and aesthetically pleasing. Kind of like Ford's "And not Or" ad campaign.

What do we mean by "Stats"?
We're taking a broad interpretation, here. "Stats" in this context are simply any quantities calculated from a set of data. That includes your college professor's favorites like mean, median and mode. And it also includes simpler concepts like min and max, as well as more complex concepts like forecasts and confidence intervals. I told you, we're talking about the meat and potatoes now.

These concepts are incredibly useful as they allow us to provide answers to questions that we know viewers of our visualizations will have, such as:

  • What's the most or least of a set of values?
  • What's a typical or representative value for a group?
  • How much does a particular group vary?

A new version launching
Before the month is over, we plan to launch a new version of Tableau Public - version 8.1 - that will make some of these concepts even easier to implement in your dashboards. 8.1 beta users like Robb Tufts are already playing with them, like the box-and-whisker plot he published recently about St. Louis Blues player Alex Steen (especially note the "How to Read a Box Plot" tab, which we love):

How can you get involved?
Like we did last month, we'll be tapping into the talented pool of Tableau Public authors out there to generate a series of blog posts, and we'll also write a few posts of our own.

If you have an idea of a good article for #TableauStatsMonth, whether practical or theoretical, email us at Or, feel free to write a post on your own blog, and tweet it using the hashtag #TableauStatsMonth. We'll choose a winner at random at the end of the month to receive an awesome Tableau hoodie.

We hope you like what's coming!