The Top Guest Post of 2013

on December 19, 2013

Here at Tableau Public, we are passionate about sharing tips, tutorials, and inspiration to all of our authors. But of course, we aren't the alpha and omega when it comes to Tableau knowledge and we are always learning new tricks from Tableau Public authors just like you. That's why we made an effort this year to feature more content from our wonderful, growing community and will continue that effort in 2014.

We tallied up the pageviews for each blog post on and found that the number one post, written by a guest or by us, was Kelly Martin's "Dashboard Layout and Design" article. Kelly's article is a must read for anyone looking to find ways to bring harmony and balance to their dashboard designs. Nice work, Kelly!

Our second most popular guest blog post was written by the 2013 Iron Viz Champion, Ryan Sleeper. His article, "Leveraging Color to Improve Your Data Visualization" is chock-full of great ideas and examples of effective color usage.

We had tons of fantastic guest posts for Design Month and Stats Month. Thanks again to all of our guest bloggers! We hope that we can get even more of you involved in 2014! If you ever have a post you'd like to share or an idea for something you'd like to see, email us at