Our Favorite Storytelling Vizzes of the Day

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Posted by Andrew Cheungon July 31, 2014

To celebrate the end of Storytelling Month, the Tableau Public team has rounded up our favorite Vizzes of the Day from the 23 chosen in July. All of these vizzes featured the new Story Points feature in Tableau 8.2. We've selected these vizzes because they are exemplary demonstrations of how to paint a compelling narrative using story points.

Let's take a look at the team's favorites:

Ellie really appreciates George Gorczynski's viz on Capital Punishment in the United States

"First of all, I love to see data being used to shine a light on a controversial topic. Bringing data into important social conversations is something Tableau Public was intended to do. The flow is good, starting with an overview of the subject and walking through different facets of the issue: a view over time, by state and comparing the US to the rest of the world. It uses inmates’ last statements to bring out the human voice in the data. There is a call to action at the end, appropriate for a viz like this one that has an explicit point of view.

From a nuts and bolts perspective there is a lot to like about this viz. It’s well designed and relies on black to convey the seriousness of the topic. It makes good use of interactivity, so the reader can engage with the author’s story. It includes sources and social media buttons. Overall it’s an exceptional example of how to use data to inform a broad discussion."

Ben's favorite is China's Urbanization by Mark Jackson

"Mark Jackson’s visualization showing the urbanization of China is my personal favorite Viz of the Day winner this month because it places an important global topic in clear perspective both in terms of time and geography, and it seeks to answer an interesting question: does the Chinese government really need to seize additional land from rural farmers in their country? I also appreciate that Mark includes thoughtful commentary, images and photographs that effectively illustrate his subject matter, and helpful annotations that make it clear how the reader can interact with the viz."

Jewel's pick goes to The Case for a New Type of Minimum Wage by Peter Gilks

"A lot of authors did remakes of old vizzes they had made in the new storypoint format. I think one of the most effective of these makeovers was by Peter Gilks when he remade his viz for the Case for a New Type of Minimum Wage. Even on points that are just one view, he uses dashboards as a way to make everything look very clean and to fit extra explanation on things. Storypoints are great for guiding you through different parts of your argument, but they are definitely more effective when you are actually backing up that argument with well-written, persuasive text."

Tara chose Les accidents de la route en France métropolitaine en 2012 by Jonathan Trajkovic

"This viz by Jonathan Trajkovic takes the lead as my favorite story points viz! Not only did this viz with our Storytelling Contest, but I believe it also is a very well designed and visually pleasing viz.

I really enjoyed how Jonathan told the story of accidents in France by looking at many different angles such as males vs. females and places on the car where most accidents occur. He also managed to end the story with a very interesting point: not very many accidents occur on holidays!"

Andrew selected Gazprom's Grip: Russia Leverage Over Europe

"Li Luo makes great use of Tableau Public 8.2’s Story Points feature with this viz featured last week as a Viz of the Day. The viz leads with a story point mapping price differences paid by each European country with bold colors. It’s a great view because it shows at a glance the gross differences in leverage Russia has throughout Europe on price.

The next three story points address questions that naturally arise after viewing this broad overview–who does Russia favor most on price, and which countries energy security lays primarily in Russia’s hands.

Li Luo’s use of story points does a fantastic job of painting a big picture and inviting the reader to delve into the details, giving this story tangible depth."

We'd like to extend our thanks to everyone who created the excellent works we've featured as Vizzes of the Day! Your contributions continue to provide inspiration and learning opportunities for the entire Tableau Public community.

Download Tableau Public 8.2 to try out the new Story Points feature for free!