Capturing Animation in Tableau Maps

Allan Walker
on August 14, 2014

Editor's note: This #MappingMonth guest blog post was written by Allan Walker of Allan is a 2013 Tableau Zen Master and is a mapping expert in Tableau! Take a look at these animations of Tableau maps using data from Strava, Opendata, and OpenStreetMap.

Seattle Police

Seattle Police from Allan Walker on Vimeo.

How to capture animation

Use the following steps to capture animation in a Tableau dashboard:

  1. Create the dashboard and set to automatic size
  2. Put “Pages” fixed at the bottom of the dashboard
  3. Enter Presentation mode, and exit full screen
  4. Open Active Presenter
  5. Use “Full motion Recording” setting
  6. Set the green screen capture area to the edges of the dashboard, but above the “Pages” dialogue box
  7. Set the speed & history settings of “Pages”
  8. Close down any other running applications and optionally set Tableau.exe process priority as “High”
  9. Click Record in the Active Presenter dialogue box
  10. Export the video to mp4
  11. Edit in a video program such as Adobe Premier or Microsoft Media Player
  12. Save the video in dimensions and codec suitable for your chosen video hosting platform (e.g. Vimeo or Youtube)
  13. Upload to your chosen video hosting platform

Check out three more videos created by Allan using Tableau along with other tools such as: Alteryx, ESRI and Geoserver. Enjoy the amazing work of a Tableau Zen Master!

Manhattan Taxis

Manhattan TLC from Allan Walker on Vimeo.

Strava Metro

Strava Metro from Allan Walker on Vimeo.

London OpenStreetMap History

LondonOSMHistory from Allan Walker on Vimeo.