Top 10 Most Viewed Author Profiles of 2014

Ben Jones
on December 28, 2014

(This is the fifth blog post in our Year in Review series. The previous post was entitled "The Top 5 Most Viewed Vizzes of 2014")

All Tableau Public authors were given profile pages in the middle of 2013, and last year at this time we took a look at which profile pages received the most views in 2013. Last year, no profile page received half as many views as the La Nacion Data team in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Well, we ran the numbers again this year, and La Nacion is at the top yet again - this time by an even wider margin. Congratulations Team LNData! You inspire us with high-impact data journalism on a regular basis. We're looking forward to seeing what you create in 2015.

What's surprising, though, is that none of the other nine are repeats from last year. Check it out - the list includes a college newspaper, a few nonprofits, a Tableau partner, and even a former Tableau employee!

Lastly, we have some plans for author profile pages in the coming year. We're going to give them a major makeover and add social functionality. We're hoping these changes will give you a better place to showcase your data visualization work, connect with others doing the same, and build community.

Here's to everything we'll create in 2015!