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How to design more efficient workbooks on Tableau Public!

At Tableau, we are on a mission to provide a visual analytics experience that is fast, easy, and beautiful for users at any level of experience. Data analytics and storytelling is at its best when...
1 month ago

Featured Authors March 2022: Women's Edition

In celebration of Women's History Month, we're recognizing the amazing work of some women who inspire others within our community. Please allow us to introduce our newest group of Tableau Public...
1 month ago

Who are the finalists of the 2022 Iron Viz Qualifiers?

The results of the 2022 Iron Viz Qualifier Contest are in, and it is obvious our judges had no easy task. Data sets and visualizations could be on anything art-related—from traditional art like...
2 months ago

Explore the Iron Viz entries on Visualizing the Arts

Are you ready to be blown away by the 198 impressive visualizations submitted during the 2022 Iron Viz global qualifier contest? This year, we challenged all data rockstars to visualize data on their...
3 months ago

Emily De Padua’s Tableau Journey

Since the platform was founded in 2010, millions of people have used Tableau Public to develop their data visualization skills, find inspiration, and connect with like-minded data enthusiasts from...
3 months ago

Featured Authors January 2022

We are excited to introduce our new cohort of Featured Authors and amazed by the work these extraordinary data rock stars have been doing for the last few months or even years!...
3 months ago

8 resources to jumpstart your 2022 Iron Viz entry

Iron Viz is, without doubt, a highlight of working at Tableau, and it always inspires me when I see each year’s entries. The competition has come a long way since the first edition, and it might feel...
4 months ago
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