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Now Showing: Iron Viz Silver Screen Entries!

It's a parade of stars and you've brought them all to Tableau Public! Prepare to be amazed at the entries for the final Iron Viz feeder contest - Iron Viz Silver Screen! Spend some time diving deep...
4 months ago

Generation Data: Q&A with Matt Atherton from Alaska Airlines

Note: This is the first installment in our back-to-school series. It’s essential for the next generation of workers and business leaders to see and understand data. Tableau’s Academic Program...
4 months ago

Analyzing Movie Scripts with Tableau

Chris DeMartini, current Tableau Zen Master, is sharing some script analysis techniques as a contribution to this Iron Viz Silver Screen. If you'd like to read more from Chris, check out the...
4 months ago

Scraping the IMDb for Use in Tableau

Dr. Konstantin Greger is Associate Sales Consultant at Tableau. This is an abridged version of Konstantin’s original blog post from his personal website. Originally written for attendees of the...
4 months ago

How to Create a Web Data Connector: A Beginner's Approach

Géraldine Zanolli is a Product Consultant at Tableau. She has developped an Instagram Web Data Connector and is sharing her learnings here. When I joined Tableau, being a social media addict,...
4 months ago

Iron Viz Silver Screen: We're Waiting for Your Masterpiece!

There is one more spot for the Iron Viz Finals in Las Vegas! Are you ready to create your best viz to get it? The theme of this last Iron Viz 2017 feeder contest should inspire all movie-lovers and...
4 months ago

Tableau Public hits 1 million vizzes, from data journalism to Game of Thrones

Tableau Public has been growing year after year since its launch in February 2010. Our authors have hit some exciting milestones recently, like the day they passed one billion total views this past...
4 months ago
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