Data Stories of Singapore 2018


IMDA & Tableau return for a third year to bring visual data storytelling to Singapore!

Data is all around us and our day to day decisions are based on the data. Join us for this competition, where we will take you through the data discovery journey. You will learn the basics of how to read and understand data, while learning to ask questions and analyse to craft your visual story about Singapore.

The theme for this year will look at the four pillars that determine Singapore - The Next Chapter. Pick one of the themes below to tell your own data story of Singapore around the theme.

  • Security & Global Collaboration: Securing a place in the world for Singapore
  • Sustainability & Infrastructure: Building a well-connected, world-class city for Singaporeans
  • Economy & Entrepreneurship: Developing a vibrant economy with more opportunities for workers
  • Socio-economics: Forging a cohesive, caring and inclusive society

Students attending Singapore schools in the School Category or Institute of Higher Learning Category can participate. Please see the below table for more details on how you can participate.

Institute of Higher Learning
I attend..
Secondary School
Junior College
Institute of Technical Education (ITE)
Team Type
Team of 3 (with dedicated teacher-in-charge)

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The Prize

Top 3 Vizzes from School and IHL category will win a prize!
1st Place
$800 worth of prizes per Individual
2nd Place
$450 worth of prizes per Individual
3rd Place
$400 worth of prizes per Individual

"People Choice Award" in each category
$200 worth of prizes per Individual



Sign up for a Training Workshop

Note: You do not have to sign up for a workshop to participate in this competition.

School Category register for a workshop here

IHL Category register for a workshop here

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What You'll Need

Create your Tableau Public account here
Only visualizations published on Tableau Public will be accepted for submission

Find datasets relevant to your chosen theme
Ensure your data is reliable and publicly available. Clearly acknowledge your source in the submission form

Make your viz! Your entry will be judged on design, storytelling, and analysis. You can learn more about the scoring process in the FAQ.


Submit Your Viz

Submit your viz by October 12, 2018

Submissions are now closed!

Top 5 Shortlisted in each category by October 19, 2018

Top 5 in each category receive feedback from the judges to improve and resubmit by November 2, 2018 for the finals on November 15, 2018!

Check out the winners and finalists

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