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The Tableau Public Viz Gallery explores data-driven healthcare

We’ve refreshed the Tableau Public Viz Gallery with a brand new exhibit on data-informed healthcare, Tableau at HIMSS 2021. Visit the gallery to explore how the healthcare industry is using data to...
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Introducing a profile page as sleek as a Tableau Public viz

Inspired by the beautiful, rich and interactive visualizations that our #datafam creates and shares everyday on Tableau Public, we decided to enhance the Tableau Public profile page with a...
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Explore the Iron Viz entries on Joy + Data

The entries are in! Ready to be impressed by the 320 mind-blowing vizzes submitted during the 2021 Iron Viz global qualifier contest? Explore the visualizations below to learn what brings joy to the...
Hace 2 semanas

The Tableau Public Virtual Viz Gallery features work by authors from Japan

The Tableau Community is all around the world and since Tableau Live Japan is happening on July 14, we are featuring some inspiring authors from Japan in the Tableau Public Virtual Viz Gallery. We...
Hace 2 semanas

2021 Tableau Ambassador nominations and applications now open

Drumroll, please: Nominations and applications for the 2021 Tableau Ambassador Program are now open! We’ve curated all you need to know about the program, including what ambassadors do, community...
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Where will the next great data visualization come from?

The Iron Viz qualifier contest is closing in less than a week. With a theme of Data + Joy the possibilities are nearly endless, but only until the contest ends on July 2, 2021. If you're still...
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As the 2021 Iron Viz Qualifier deadline approaches get advice from past participants

The 2021 Iron Viz qualifier contest is underway and the three finalists will advance to the Iron Viz championship for a chance to win $10,000. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newbie,...
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