Did Your School Get a Passing Grade?

Denise Malan
el August 4, 2010

When bad students get their report cards, some stuff the evidence in the bottom of their backpacks and hope no one will be the wiser. Thanks to the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, local schools have no such option when the Texas Education Agency posts its annual school ratings in a massive report on its website.

The Caller covers the schools closely because it knows its readers are extremely interested in the quality of their children's education. When the latest report came out, the Caller ran seven stories and augmented their coverage with two Tableau Public vizes.

"There's tons and tons of data, but in many ways it hasn't really been very helpful," said Denise Malan, the Caller's Data Editor. She explained that in the past, the paper struggled to present the report's data in ways readers would find useful.

"We wanted to give our readers something that they could engage and explore," Denise said.

Problem solved:

How'd they do that?

Integrating the viz onto the Caller site was easy. Once Denise had created her viz, she simply saved it to the web, copied the embed code and pasted the code into a page on the Caller website.

Please see the Knowledge Base for a more detailed explanation of how to embed a viz.