The Top Vizzes of Q3 2011

el November 11, 2011

Fantasy sports reigned supreme in Q3 2011, taking the top six spots on the top 100. CBSSports and Grantland battled in the trenches like two giant linemen for the top spot. In the end, Jamey Eisenberg of CBSSports emerged from the pile victorious with his fantasy football draft preparation tool.

The struggles on the grid-iron, however, were nothing compared to the struggles of the economy. The Wall Street Journal contributed five excellent vizzes that focused on more economic matters, including this map of post office closings, which took the prize for most interactive viz.

A number of visualizations by international authors also focused on economic issues. Dario Pagnoni of Italy's Open Data Blog looked at the Italian state budget, Mariana Trigo Viera of Argentina’s La Nacion examined the widening gap between income and housing prices and Ladislav Tvaruzek of the Czech Republic’s IHNED visualized national credit ratings.