Get Pumped for Sports Month

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Publicado por Dash Davidsonel July 7, 2016

I first became interested in data through my love of sports, specifically baseball.

I loved how analyzing baseball statistics let me learn about the players in a profoundly new way. I would pore over the back of the baseball cards of my favorite players and learn their stats and records by heart. For me, this was about getting as close as possible to the sport I loved.

My story is certainly not unique; many of us first fall in love with data through a passion for sports. Since sports creates so much rich data, this causal relationship makes a lot of sense.

The Tableau Public team is made up of big sports fans. Ben and Florian are huge soccer fans. Sophie follows rugby, and Jade is into running and biking. But beyond these individual sports that we love, we are all passionate about sports data visualizations.

July is a month we have all been looking forward to as it’s officially Sports Month here on Tableau Public. We’ll celebrate the athlete in all of us this month. We’ll feature a host of great guest posts from the people pushing the boundaries of sports and data. We’ll showcase innovative sports vizzes on Viz of the Day. And we’ll feature new sports data sets on our Resources page.

And of course, with this being one of those special quadrennial years with the Olympics, we’ll pay special attention to Olympics sports content this month. Throughout the games in Rio, we’ll curate the best Olympics-themed vizzes from the Tableau Public community in a special sub-gallery (like this one for the 2016 European Soccer Championships).

So be sure to tweet us at @tableaupublic using #OlympicsViz so that we can check out the great sports work you are doing.

To whet your appetite, here is a dashboard I created exploring the history of the Summer Olympics. I can't wait to add in the new data from the Rio games!