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Tableau Community, Meet Salesforce and the Trailblazers

Hello Tableau Community, We have big news to share, Tableau has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Salesforce. I know, shocker, right?!? This emerged as a really special opportunity to...
Hace 5 meses

Don’t let your data curiosities die! Create your own data set

Should I be worried about shark attacks when traveling to Australia? Why do I keep getting yellow skittles instead of the green ones? You can use data to answer these questions— but how do you find...
Hace 6 meses

Behind the Viz: Collegiate athlete Kaleigh Piscioneri uses data skills to visualize her passion for penalty kicks

Get to know your fellow Tableau Public authors with Behind the Viz, a blog series where we explore the people and processes behind our featured vizzes. KICK IT WITH KALEIGH PISCIONERI Kaleigh...
Hace 6 meses

Master your data storytelling and grow your confidence with Iron Quest

Have you participated in a community-led data project? Dive into one Tableau Public author’s recent experience— and learn why they think you should get involved. Don’t be afraid to try...
Hace 6 meses

Presentamos Tableau 2019.2: mapas de vectores, acciones de parámetros y más

Con las nuevas funcionalidades de Tableau 2019.2, sus historias de datos cobrarán vida. Gracias a los mapas de vectores, la experiencia de mapeo resultará incluso más fluida. Además...
Hace 6 meses

Iron Viz 2019 Agriculture Results

The results are in for the first Iron Viz global qualifier! We received 75 impressive entries— but there can only be one winner. Read on to find out who will be advancing to the live Iron Viz...
Hace 6 meses

Explore the 2019 Iron Viz entries on agriculture data

*/ The entries are in for the first 2019 Iron Viz global qualifier contest that determines who advances to compete live at Tableau Conference in Las Vegas this Fall! We challenged you to create...
Hace 6 meses
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