The Top 100 vizes of Q1 2011

le April 26, 2011

The top 100 vizzes of 2011 are in and a new author is crowned champion. The New Scientist's Peter Aldhous claimed the top spot with his anxiety-inducing viz showing the location of the world's nuclear reactors. Second place went to perennial powerhouse Al Melchior of CBS Sports for his fantasy baseball viz. Timothy Ellis of Seattle Bubble took third with his viz on housing prices.

Like Peter, many authors used Tableau Public to try to make sense of the tragedy that hit Japan. Vizzes ranged from examinations of the country's earthquake history to the extent of the radiation leaks.

These vizzes were remarkable not just for the insight they offered but also because of the speed at which they were created. They helped us better understand this monumental catastrophe as it was happening.

The Census was also a popular topic this quarter, with Top-100 visualizations from Cheryl Phillips at The Seattle Times, MJS at, and Robert Eckhart of The Sarasota Herald-Tribune.