Profile Finder and Recommended Authors

le September 26, 2013

A couple months ago, we launched a new feature here at Tableau Public: Author Profiles. Profiles are a great way to show off all of your hard work on Tableau Public and see what others are up to. We wanted to make it easier to find other's profiles, so we have launched the Recommended Authors and Profile Finder page!

This tool, which is actually a viz built by yours truly, can be used to check out the profiles of some of our top authors and to find profiles for your Tableau friends. Just type a name in the box at the bottom to find profiles. The tool searches authors based on what they have set as their display name.

We’ve also rounded up some of our most prolific publishers among bloggers, journalists, and Tableau employees. Check out some of these author profiles if you are looking for inspiration!

Make sure your profile is ready for the spotlight by setting up a Gravatar. You can get more information about customizing your author profile here.


This is a cool tool. It helped me realize that I actually have two separate Tableau Public profiles. :-) Is there any way to merge them into one?