Wrapping up Sports Viz Month

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Publié par Ben Jonesle mars 31, 2014

Yesterday marked the end of Sports Viz Month, and I'd say it lived up to its billing. Twitter voters decided on the first Iron Viz feed-in champion of the year. Congrats once again to winner John Mathis, runner-up Dan Montgomery, the rest of the Elite 8 finalists, and all of the talented people that amazed us with a batch of submissions the likes of which we've never seen. Our next contest will be a Quantified Self contest in May, so start collecting data about an interesting aspect of your life now.

Also this month, we were thrilled to welcome first-time guest bloggers Tanya Cashorali, Carl Allchin, reigning Iron Viz champ Ryan Sleeper, Lee Mooney and Tableau's own Mac Bryla to the site. To round it out, we brought back Stats Month guest blogger Robb Tufts for an encore.

Then, we aired a live Google Hangout session with five of the six guest bloggers. You can watch the recording here:

The group mentioned a number of websites and resources, and our newest team member, Tara Walker, took some time to organize them for us by question:

Blog Names
datajedininja.blogspot.com (Carl)
eyeseedata.com (Mac)
sbnation.com (Robert)
stlouisgametime.com (Robert)
osmguy.com (Ryan)
sportsdataviz.com (Tanya)

Ways to Clean Data
www.alteryx.com (Carl)
hockeyabstract.com/home (Robert)
hoopshype.com (Carl)
basketball-reference.com (Carl)
stats.nba.com (Carl)
nhl.com (Robert)
behindthenet.ca (Robert)
timeonice.com (Robert)
extraskater.com (Robert)
advancednflstats.com (Tanya)
cran.r-project.org/web/packages/pitchRx/pitchRx.pdf (Tanya)
espn.go.com (Tanya)
cran.r-project.org/web/packages/twitteR/twitteR.pdf (Tanya)
cran.r-project.org/web/packages/stream/stream.pdf (Tanya)
baseball-reference.com (Ryan)
seanlahman.com (Ryan)
transfermarkt.com (Mac)
fourfourtwo.com (Mac)
tableausoftware.com/public/blog/2014/03/sports-data-sites-2370 (Ben)

Fan Attendance
paintbynumbersblog.blogspot.com/2014/01/crowdsourcing-worlds-biggest-stadiums.html (Carl)
uscho.com/2014/03/18/interactive-data-the-rise-and-fall-of-college-hockey-conference-tournament-attendance (Jewel)

Popularity of Soccer
stathunting.com (Ben)
sportsbusinessdaily.com (Tanya)

Best Responses to Data Visualization
osmguy.com/2014/03/salary-vs-mlb-players-salary-visualization (Ryan)
jewelloree.com/2013/11/06/pop-viz-gotta-viz-em-all (Jewel)

We had incredible attendance and participation from the audience. Here are the questions that we didn't get around to answering. If you have a good answer, feel free to leave an answer in the comment section below.

• (Ken Schiele) - re: player locaiton, movement. What opportunities are there for using real-time monitoring of players – like what Catapult sports seems to be doing?
• (Geoffrey Stoel) - Any updates on 8.2 ETA of Tableau public so I can start using my Mac?
• (Paul Banoub) - I play amateur football. REALLY amateur football. I’d love to see some form of data capture for sports at my level. With improving tech does the panel think that’s a possibility in the future?
• (Paul Chapman) - Do you think current TV and written media are missing a trick with all the live data currently available and what would you like to see them do differently?
• (Benardo Roschke) - Here’s a good site for stats – www.sports-reference.com
• (Paul Chapman) - There are some great links and tips being discussed – will you be able to summarize these and display them on the Google+ page after the hangout finishes thanks?
• (Paul Chapman) - Any tips for sports related background images for x, y analysis
• (Brandon Avants) - Go spurs
• (Paul Banoub) - Does the panel think that cop stacking is the next sport to take the world by storm?
• (Mandy Hofmockel) - Hi, if we can’t be onl;ine to watch will there be a replay? Thanks!
• (Roger Rayle) - Graphs of concession items prices per venue?
• (Chris Lambrou) - Ballpark bubbles for iOS displays MLB attendance data visually
• (Jesse Johnson) - Does anyone have Thoroughbred racing vizes? I have some data.

Here are the questions we answered:

• (Matt Booher) – would love to hear best tips and tricks for cleaining and processing data for visualizations
• (Jesse Johnson) - What is Carl’s blog? I could not hear the name of the blog.
• (Paul Chapman) - What are the best free data sources for sports or does it vary by sport?
• (AppStateSpace) - Has anyone vizzed the fan attendance data for a sport?
• (Noi Sukaviriya) - Soccer seems to gain popularity in the U.S. What kind of data would support or counters such an intuition? And what data could be used to compare againt other sports?
• (Andy Kriebel) - Nice new haircut Ben!!
• (Joe Hall) - What kind of data visualizations/stories do you find get the best responses online?

To all of you - contest entrants, twitter voters, guest bloggers, blog readers, and everyone else in the Tableau Public community - thanks for making Sports Viz Month as fun as it was for us.