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Accédez plus vite aux insights avec « Explique-moi les données »

Rien de plus stimulant que de transformer une analyse de données en histoire captivante ! Attention cependant : parfois, l'exploration est si intéressante qu'on en oublie de dégager des informations...
Il y a 6 mois

84 Iron Viz entries visualize migration data from The Associated Press

Entries to the third 2019 Iron Viz global qualifier contest on migration data are officially in! For this contest, we challenged you to visualize data provided by...
Il y a 6 mois

Introducing our new group of Tableau Public Ambassadors!

The past year has been incredible and inspiring for the Tableau community, but it wouldn’t be half of what it is without the people who fuel it! To recognize...
Il y a 6 mois

The final Iron Viz global qualifier is here!

The third and final 2019 Iron Viz global qualifier contest is officially open! It’s time to find out who will join our other finalists Joshua Smith and Lindsey...
Il y a 8 mois

Iron Viz 2019 Music Results

The results are in for the second Iron Viz global qualifier! We received 101 entries—the most we’ve ever received for any Iron Viz competition. There can only be one winner but everyone who...
Il y a 8 mois

Check out the 2019 Iron Viz entries on music data

Hey, data rockstars! The entries for the second 2019 Iron Viz global qualifier contest on music data are in. For this contest, we challenged you to visualize...
Il y a 8 mois

Behind the Viz: James Smith talks Illustrator, Tableau Public, and Formula 1

Get to know your fellow Tableau Public authors with Behind the Viz, a blog series where we explore the people and processes behind our featured vizzes. Meet James Smith! James is one of three...
Il y a 8 mois
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