The Tableau Public Philosophy

il Febbraio 10, 2010

The internet is a happy home if you need to publish text. Paragraphs, pages, links, navigation... no problem. Over time, pictures and video have also found their place. Click, copy, save, upload, embed... you name it! Data, on the other hand, has always been problematic. Tables and charts were really never designed to be interacted with on the web in the way that a YouTube video, embedded image or text is. Sure, you can hire a flash developer who can make a great viz, but it will take a month and tens of thousands of dollars. Over the past several years, it has been our dream at Tableau to not only improve the world's interaction with data on the internet, but also provide a program that allows anyone to publish their own data to the web. Tableau Public is the result of that dream.

The viz above was made with Tableau Public, not by our marketing team, not by our engineers, not by a bevy of flash developers, but by Tim Ellis of The Seattle Bubble, an intelligent but otherwise uninitiated user. He made it in less than an hour and it cost him nothing.

My point? Anyone who has data can use Tableau Public to publish their work to the web, for free. Don't believe me? Download our product and browse the How-it-works page for ten minutes. If you're into the story of how cool technology comes to be, also check out The-Tableau-Public-Story. I promise you will feel just as excited about putting data on the web as the first time you discovered YouTube.