New in 8: Sets, Groups, Filters and the Marks Card

il Marzo 5, 2013

This week's New in 8.0 series focuses more on the technical aspects of Tableau Public. Instead of examining a viz and new chart types, we'll take a look at changes to the marks card as well as new group, set, and quick filter features.

Groups & Sets

When we analyse data visually we frequently find anomalies in our dimensions and measures caused by incorrectly labeled data. In the past we've been able to fix these miscategorized values by selecting their dimension headers and creating ad-hoc groups. Starting in version 8.0, we can actually create groups by selecting the individual marks on the chart, just like sets were created in past versions.

Speaking of sets, there are now additional analytic options available for combining and separating parts of our data set. We can now choose to combine sets, or do more advanced- right, left, or inner joins.

New Sets Features

Once we have our new sets created we can use them as filters or even as dimensions within our charts.

The Marks Card

The marks card has also been revamped with significant new functions and a fresh new look. Instead of placing dimensions and measures on Label, Color and Size shelves, we now drop them on one of several new buttons. This adds the field below the buttons and appends a formatting icon to the left. If we want to adjust the underlying options for size or color, we simply click on the appropriate format button. If we want to change what a field controls, we no longer have to drag it between shelves, instead, we click on the icon to the left of the field and choose what we want it to format.

By removing shelves we have enabled the option to have multiple fields affect a single formatting option. In the example below, we have 2 separate dimensions combining to color our marks. We can also place multiple fields on the "Label" shelf to allow for complex mark labels or on "Tooltip" to add them directly to tooltips.
New Marks Card

Dashboard Filters

My favorite new dashboard feature is the ability to pick and choose which sheets a quick filter applies to. In the past a filter could either apply to a single sheet- as a local filter, or be global in scope and apply to all sheets sharing that same data source. Now you will be able to pick and choose just the specific sheets you are interested in filtering - very usefully when you have half a dozen or more sheets on a dashboard.
New Quick Filter

These new functions may not be obvious at first, but as viz authors, they will help us more easily create the exact dashboards we want.

As always, leave your comments and questions below - we're excited to see what you think.

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