The Week of the Author: Spotlight on TZMs

il July 25, 2013

(This is the 4th blog post in a series celebrating “The Week of the Author”. So far we’ve interviewed six of our top authors and shined a spotlight on journalists. In this post the spotlight shifts to TZMs, or Tableau Zen Masters.)

The Tableau Zen Masters are a very select group of Tableau users who have demonstrated a mastery of the product at the highest level. They possess both a deep understanding and a high degree of passion for visual analytics with Tableau. Their frequent contributions on the forums are enlightening, and while they are not employees of Tableau, they have been known to educate employees and even developers on the finer points of the software.

Given this group’s expertise, it would not be surprising that their newly created author profiles are simply stunning. The visualizations they showcase in their profiles may surprise you. Many of them surprised us. “Tableau can do that?” “THAT’S Tableau?” These are typical reactions.

Arrow charts, ternary plots, steamgraphs, slide shows, newspaper front pages and even full chess games. Prepare to be blown away.

Click the image to open the author's profile page:

1. Joe Mako, Rosenblatt Securities, Aliso Viejo, CA

2. Andy Kriebel, Facebook, Pleasanton, CA

3. Ryan Robitaille, Linium, New York

4. Jonathan Drummey, Southern Maine Medical Center, Biddeford, Maine

5. Richard Leeke, Equinox Ltd, Wellington, NZ

6. Craig Bloodworth, The Information Lab, York, UK

7. Chuck Hooper, BIAlytics, Turlock, CA

It's exciting to think that this group will be expanding. We will be announcing the 2013 Tableau Zen Masters at our Customer Conference in Washington DC in September. This year's inductees are being chosen from a pool of candidates nominated by the community. Expect to see even more amazing author profiles as the group expands.

Tomorrow's post: Spotlight on YOU! Update your profile and tweet it using the hashtag #MyTableauPublic and we'll choose 5 lucky authors that will also be sent a super spiffy Tableau t-shirt!

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