Wrapping up Data Blogging Month

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Posted by Ben Jonesil Gennaio 31, 2014

Well, Data Blogging Month was a month to remember for the Tableau Public team. We started the year with the goal of encouraging Tableau users to share their thoughts with the rest of the world by starting their own blog. We knew that a nudge would be helpful, because the top bloggers we all admire are getting better and better, and that can be intimidating for some.

More than anything, we wanted to make sure that everyone knew that their own unique contribution is valuable no matter what skill level they possess today. That's what's so great about Tableau. A simple "viz" made by someone in their very first attempt can have a huge impact on readers all around the world. Yes, we admire and celebrate the work of Zen Masters and Iron Viz champions, but we also cheer on the analysts who just downloaded Tableau and are beginning their own journey.

It was amazing to see that even first-time bloggers were creating Viz of the Day winners with their very first post, like yesterday's by Jessica Lascara of Falls Church, Virginia:

We'd like to thank our guest bloggers Emily Kund and Andy Kriebel, and also Dan Montgomery for sharing his thoughts and being gracious enough to let us include them in our newsletter. We'd also like to thank Andy again, as well as the talented Kelly Martin, Peter Gilks and the venerable Steve Wexler for being brave enough to join in on our little experiment with Google Hangouts On Air. In case you missed the live broadcast, here it is in all its glory (no, I'm not in a bunker somewhere in Nevada, Matt :)

Lastly, we'd like to thank everyone who registered their Tableau data blog using our Google Form. You continue to gift us with your thoughts, your ideas, and your visualizations on a regular basis, so we'd like to express our appreciation the best way we know how - with a viz dedicated to you:

Next month, we're switching our focus to data journalism, but we'll continue to look for opportunities to shine the spotlight on the great work of bloggers the world over. You make our job as enjoyable as it is. We applaud your courage for putting your voice out there we and appreciate your efforts and dedication to building this community with us.

Ben and the whole Tableau Public team


where is the osx version of tableau desktop? you guys blogged six months ago that it was almost ready.