TC14 Recaps from around the Web

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Posted by Andrew Cheungil September 29, 2014

Tableau Conference 2014 closed up just over to weeks ago. If you weren't able to arrive at Destination Data, fear not! We've rounded up a selection of blog posts gathered from around the web so you can live vicariously through these recaps.

Paul Banoub sums up his thoughts from Tableau Conference 2014

"I loved the keynotes. Brilliantly relevant subject areas, from passionate and engaging speakers. Particular highlights were John Medina & Neil deGrasse Tyson."

Emily Kund talks about her favorite sessions

"Every session I attended was very good! It was so hard to choose which sessions to go to. I think my hardest decision was between Facebook Jeorpardy: Hack Edition and Making a Viz that Stops Traffic."

Daniel Gutierrez reports on next-generation features

"Tableau knows how to throw a good tech event, one of the best I’ve attended! I was impressed by all the planning that must have gone into the show as evidenced by the smooth-as-silk way everything came off. Congratulations on behalf of data aficionados everywhere."

Eva Feng blogs highlights from each conference day

"...a huge data party took place in Convention Center in Seattle. It was an amazing week for any data enthusiasts from the data visualization industry."

Matt Lutton kicks off his new blog with reflections from conference

"Sir-Mix-a-Lot, Hans Rosling (whom I was able to meet in person), John Medina, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Tableau employees/customers, constant opportunities for networking, learning, and FUN…  Need I say more?  This conference ROCKS in a very unique way"

Matt Francis looks back on TC14 on his flight home

"There’s just too much to recap in this post, and to be honest its one of those things that you really had to be there to experience, you know like that great night out that you didn’t go to that your mates still talk about 10 years later. You know the one that started in the pub, ended up with that tattoo that you are not sure what it said but sounded like a good idea at the time."

Nelson Davis talks about meeting with people in the Tableau community

"What an amazing week at DATA14. AMAZING. For me the conference this year was all about the people..."

Carl Allchin takes freeform notes in a three part conference blog series

"If you have never been to a Tableau conference then I really can’t get over the collective buzz that is generated. It feels like a sports event when the home team is about to win the championship."

Thanks to everyone who attended! We hope to see you next year in Las Vegas!