Announcing the Elite 8 Viz Makeovers!

Jewel Loree
- 4 月 8, 2013

Thanks for submitting so many awesome viz makeovers. I am happy to announce that the judges have spoken and our Elite 8 have been chosen. Our judges have scored each viz makeover on improvement to data storytelling, improvement to design, and use of Tableau Public 8 features. We've added up the scores and used them to rank and seed all of our contestants. Here are the rankings:

#8. Peter Gilks

Our #8 seed, Peter Gilks, uses floating dashboards to save space in his makeover of the National Obesity Comparison Tool by floating a small map of Hawaii off the coast of Mexico.

#7. Mark Jackson

Our #7 seed, Mark Jackson, remade a dashboard about bird strikes. His use of bubble charts as a selection tool, treemaps, and creative image search inclusion earned him a spot in our Elite 8!

#6. Kate Dunn

Kate Dunn analyzes Seattle Police Department data using treemaps and bubble charts to find hotspots to land the #6 seed in our competition!

#5. Matthew Templemire

Snagging the #5 seed, Matthew Templemire remade a dashboard about college football recruiting taking advantage of floating dashboards to get even more data in each view!

#4. Matt Lee

Matt Lee tackled the unemployment rate giving us a beautiful viz chock-full of new features!

#3. Anya A'Hearn

Reigning Iron Viz Champion Anya utilizes Tableau Public 8's new set features to tell a whole new story about Obesity in the United States.

#2. Ryan Sleeper

Making a very strong showing, putting him firmly in our #2 seed, is Ryan Sleeper. He remade his MLB XVAL comparison tool into a very sleek and stylish dashboard in Tableau Public 8.

#1. Ramon Martinez

Our point leader is Mr. Ramon Martinez with a stellar dashboard on the global infant mortality rate. Excellent uses of freeform dashboards and bubble charts. Nicely done, Ramon!

With the Elite 8 chosen, ranked, and seeded, it is now YOUR TURN to decide who our champion will be! Go to our Elite 8 Bracket page to see who is going head-to-head in Round 1 of the championship. Use the Twitter buttons to vote for your favorites! Whoever has the most votes at the end of the round will move on to the Final Four! Get voting!