Your Author Profile is Ready!

- July 14, 2013

author profile

Great news! If you’re a Tableau Public author, you’ll be receiving a link to your very own author profile page soon. Be sure to check the email inbox of the address you used to create your Tableau Public account.

For now, we’re sending the link to you and only you so that you have time to customize your profile page. You’re able to create a bio, add links to your websites and social media accounts, select a workbook to feature prominently at the top of your page, and hide workbooks you don’t want others to see. Refer to this tutorial to find out how to customize your profile page.

At the end of the month, others will be able to access your profile by clicking on a byline which will appear at the bottom of published “vizzes”. We’re excited that you’ll be able to showcase your work in this way, and we’d like to thank our beta users for their invaluable feedback over the past month, it has resulted in a number of improvements to the initial version we’re launching:
author byline

Better Default Thumbnails

Your profile page includes a thumbnail of each of your workbooks. Previously, the thumbnail showed only the left-most tab in each workbook. If you wanted to change the thumbnail, you’d need to open the workbook, move the desired sheet or dashboard to the far left, and then re-save. Now, the default thumbnail shows the tab that was selected when you last saved the workbook. This means fewer changes for you to make.

Easier Modification of Thumbnails

Also, if you want to override the default thumbnail for a given workbook, you can now modify the thumbnail directly from your profile page. No need to open and re-save the workbooks. This will save you time making your workbooks look how you want them to look.
thumbnail edit

Show or Hide on Publish

The beta version of author profiles always allowed you to hide or show any workbook from your profile page. That’s still true, and we understand how important that is for some authors. In the beta, newly published workbooks required you to first save the workbook, and then hustle over to your profile page and hide it if you didn't want others to see it. We heard that you’d rather just hide the workbooks automatically on upload, so now you can choose to show or hide a workbook from your profile page when you publish. This means no worrying about whether someone saw that draft you just published.
hide on publish

More Intuitive Edit Controls

When we asked authors for feedback about the overall experience, we realized there were some small but significant improvements we could make to the way the user interface responds when you make edits. We moved the “Edit” button to the top of the page, and changed the process to select a featured viz so that there are fewer clicks, among a host of other UX changes.

A Grab Bag of Other Improvements

From full html control of your bio text to adding just your twitter account name rather than the full url, we made a bunch of other small tweaks to improve the overall experience, and we’ll continue to fine-tune author profiles going forward.

We hope this first version of author profiles is a great experience for you, and that your author profile page helps showcase your great work.

We’re also excited that we will all be able to browse the work of our favorite authors. Tableau Public has grown to the point that the number of authors and the number of workbooks to explore is large enough that you’ll be able to learn about virtually any topic you’re interested in, and you’ll be able witness the breadth of the data visualization movement.

Thanks for stopping by, and please let us know if you have any questions or comments,
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