April 8, 2019
2 か月

Budapest Streets Named After People

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There are nearly two thousand streets and squares in Budapest named after people. These men and women may be real or fictitious, from the Middle Ages or recent history, and are Hungarians or foreigners. Attila Bátorfy and Eszter Galambosi of ATLO visualize all two-thousand streets, and discuss their findings in an accompanying article.

The charts show streets named after: (order read top-down and left-right)

  • Men (férfi) and women (nő)
  • Hungarian (magyar) or foreigners (külföldi)
  • Real (valós) and fictitious (fiktív)
  • Saints (Szentek)
  • Members of the Árpád dynasty (Honfoglalás és Árpád-ház)
  • Reformation and Dualism thinkers (Reformkor és dualizmus)
  • Contributors to Nyugat, an influential literary journal (Nyugat folyóirat)
  • Artists (Művész)
  • Clergy (Egyházi személy)

The final charts show the time period of each street name (Melyik korban élt?) and when the streets were last renovated (Átnevezett utcák 1989 és 2015 között).