Into the Strike Zone: A-Rod's 600th Homer

Jesse Gebhardt
- August 5, 2010

On Wednesday, Alex Rodriguez became only the seventh player in Major League Baseball to hit 600 career home runs in a game against the Toronto Blue Jays. The road was difficult, having gone 46 at-bats without a homer. However, once he found the pitch he wanted, it was history. Take a look at every pitch he saw during the game below.

As you can see, Shaun Marcum (the Blue Jays pitcher) wanted to keep the ball away from A-Rod as much as possible. However, even the tiniest slip of the finger in a 90 MPH pitch can result in the perfect, slightly inside fastball.

Thanks to Jesse Gebhardt for this amazing viz.


Very cool viz, Ross. Where did you get the pitch location data and outcome? And like the lefty/righty orientation. Very creative display technique.

Can't you switch the Batter Image with the player selected (or at least a cutout of the face)?

I'm kidding. Nice Work.