Tableau 6 is Here!

- November 9, 2010

Tonight Tableau 6 is available to the public. It’s got some seriously sweet features for Tableau Public authors.

The viz above shows off a number of the new features in 6:

  • Parameters, which let you create custom variables. In this example, the field called “Index date” is a parameter that updates the index calculation based on that date.
  • See the tabs? These let you create mini-applications that keep the same filters from one tab to another. Click the second tab to see another view of this data.
  • On the second tab is the Page Shelf, a killer feature for 6.0. Click through the years and see how home sales in the areas changed through the bubble.

There’s so much more. You can drag and drop to create relational hierarchies. You can also mash up two data sources in the same view—here’s a video that shows you how. And you’ll see performance enhancements from publish to view loading.

Check out the Tableau 6 Microsite to find out more about the 60 or so new features in this release. From there you can also watch a short video on the new updates.

And over on the Tableau Software blog, we’ll be celebrating this new release with a series of posts on 6 Education. We’ll be providing sixy advice and helping customers get all the joy of six that they need and deserve.

We can’t wait to see these new features on Tableau Public vizes all over the web. As always, tweet us @tableau.