Black Friday. Now bigger than Thanksgiving.

- November 23, 2011

The holidays have arrived, which means family, good food, and let's not deny it, shopping. Lots of shopping. So much so that sometimes it's easy to think that Black Friday--as its opening time creeps earlier and earlier to Thanksgiving itself--is the real holiday to be celebrated here. Well, let's not rely on anecdotal evidence. Where else better to turn to for what consumers are really interested in than Google?

Since 2008, 'Black Friday' has been the more popular search term on Google in the US, and it hasn't looked back. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this coincides with the increase in the total amount consumers spend over the entire weekend. As people search more and more for good deals, Thanksgiving seems to take a back seat to the carnival of the shopping frenzy.

So is Black Friday taking over? Is shopping now more important than Thanksgiving itself? After all, for the first time this year, stores are actually opening on Thanksgiving itself.


I went black friday shopping for the first time this year. While waiting outside in line is rough, the savings (on items I would have bought anyway) more than make up for it. I am absolutely doing it again next year.