Divvy Data Challenge

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By Jewel Loree- 2월 12, 2014

It's almost Iron Viz feeder contest season! Starting next month, we will kick off the first of three contests that will be used to choose the contestants in our fourth annual Iron Viz competition at the Tableau Customer Conference this September. In the meantime, you can get your competitive juices flowing by entering the Divvy Data Challenge.

Divvy, a bikesharing service in Chicago, is holding a contest to visualize their data. They want to answer questions like "Where are riders going? When are they going there? How far do they ride? What are top stations? What interesting usage patterns emerge? What can the data reveal about how Chicago gets around on Divvy?". The dataset is rich and already in a format that is perfect for Tableau Public. It includes data such as:

  • Trip start day and time
  • Trip end day and time
  • Trip start station
  • Trip end station
  • Rider type (Member or 24-Hour Pass User)
  • If a Member trip, it will also include Member’s gender and year of birth

If you do use Tableau Public to create something for the contest, be sure to send it to us at tableaupublic@tableausoftware.com. We'd love to see what you create! The deadline to submit is March 11, 2014 and it is open to all US residents. For more information, visit the contest webpage.