November is #TableauDesignMonth - Part 2

By Sophie Sparkes- November 7, 2014

“Good design never goes out of fashion” -Holger Nielsen

With that in mind November is #TableauDesignMonth – part 2!

Good design is central to data visualization; a brilliantly designed visualisation lets people engage with your data, while a poorly designed one just leaves people feeling lost and confused. Here at Tableau Public we believe that data visualizations should be both clear and aesthetically pleasing.

In October 2013 we ran our first Tableau Design Month featuring great posts about best design practices and how-to’s (check out Kelly Martin’s ‘Dashboard Layout and Design’, Ryan Sleeper’s ‘Leveraging Color to Improve Your Data Visualization’ and Anya A’Heam’s ‘Design Your Data Viz Like a Product Designer’ just to name a few).

Tableau Design Month – part 2

This month we will build on from what we did in 2013 - we have lots of great posts lined-up including

  • Highlighting well-designed vizzes on Viz of The Day
  • Team Tableau Public will share our favorite design tips and tricks
  • Great posts from guest bloggers on topics ranging from ‘how to make your Tableau visualisation “responsive”’ to ‘which design features should you implement?’
  • Design themed competitions (win some tableau swag!)
  • And much more!!

Get Involved!

Tell us about any brilliantly designed vizzes you see by using tweeting #TableauDesignMonth. You never know, we might highlight the visualisation as Viz of The Day.

Kicking off Tableau Design Month with a Competition!

We are kicking off #TableauDesignMonth with a chance for you to win a Tableau t-shirt! Redesign the What is the World’s Biggest Cash Crop viz by Information is Beautiful (get the data here).

How To Enter

Either tweet your #VizMakeover to @Vizoftheday or email to before Friday 21 November 2014 23:00 PST.

We will showcase the best entries on Monday 24 November and announce the winner on Friday 28 November.

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