10 Data Journalists to Follow on Tableau Public

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By Ben Jones- 2월 29, 2016

I've enjoyed keeping up with the latest work of my favorite Tableau Public authors using the Activity View that we launched along with the Follow feature last November. I start my morning with a cup of coffee and a glance at the latest publications of the authors I follow. It's a great way to see what's going on, and the Tableau Public team has even found a number of Viz of the Day winners that way.

Since this month is Data Journalism Month on the Tableau Public blog, I thought I'd share with you ten different profile pages of journalists or news organizations that I follow. If you already have a Tableau Public account, just sign in, click on the links to each profile below, and then click "Follow".

If you don't have your own account, you can create one for free to being creating your own custom data viz feed.

Note that the ten profiles come from ten different countries. Data journalism is on the rise all around the world.

1. Peter Kim, Global News Toronto, Canada

Peter Kim Profile PagePeter Kim is a digital broadcast journalist (TV reporter, data journalist/coder) for Global News Toronto. Peter's profile page features visualizations about police spending in Toronto, Canadian income growth, and unemployment and disability, among many others.

2. El Comercio, Lima, Peru

El Comercio Profile PageEl Comercio is a Peruvian newspaper based in Lima, and is one of the oldest Spanish-language newspapers in the world, founded in 1839. The El Comercio data journalism profile page showcases dozens of visualizations about world and local politics as well as pop culture features.

3. CNBC, New Jersey, United States

CNBC Profile PageThe data journalists at CNBC have been prolific publishers since beginning to use Tableau Public in 2013. Their profile page includes over 300 visualizations on topics ranging from oil prices to pension valuations and interest rates.

4. Vadim Shmygov, Tut.by, Belarus

Vadim Shmygov's Profile PageA fixture on the Weekly Top 10 leaderboard, Vadim Shmygov of Belarus's Tut.by has published over five dozen Tableau Public visualizations that have reached millions of readers in his country and around the world. Check out the great use of custom images in his visualizations.

5. La Nacion, Buenos Aires, Argentina

LNData Profile PageHow to even begin describing the legendary LN Data team in Buenos Aires, Argentina? This award-winning team has brought transparency and accountability to their country and they've taught and inspired journalists throughout their region and around the world. Oh, and they publish a nice Lionel Messi viz every now and then, too.

6. Andrea Gianotti, Milan, Italy

Andrea Gianotti's Profile PageAndrea Gianotti is content manager at Il Sole 24 Ore, an Italian national daily business newspaper based in Milan, Italy. Andrea's Tableau Public profile page features numerous data maps of Italy and Europe, as well as one of the largest collections of Story Points visualizations

7. Irish Examiner, Cork City, Ireland

Irish Examiner's Profile PageRobbie Byrne, data journalist at the Irish Examiner, has created a Tableau Public profile page at the Irish national daily newspaper that features visualizations about minimum wages, rugby tournament results, and cigarette prices. There are also a number of Story Points vizzes to find.

8. The Hankyoreh, Seoul, South Korea

The Hankyoreh's Profile PageThe Hankyoreh launched in 1988 as dissident journalists were forced out of existing newspapers run by the authoritarian regime at the time. Fast forward to today, and this group is active and using Tableau Public to visualize data about primary schools, tropical storms and religious organization affiliation in South Korea.

9. El Confidencial, Madrid, Spain

El Confidencial's Profile PageAnother fixture on the Weekly Top 10 leaderboard, Spain's El Confidencial began publishing visualizations using Tableau Public in mid-2014 and currently have over 280 workbooks featured on their profile page, more than 20 of which have over 100,000 views. That's some reach. Check out their profile to see why.

10. Daniel Lima, OGlobo, Brazil

Daniel Lima's Profile PageBrazil's OGlobo has a talented data journalist and Tableau Public author by the name of Daniel Lima. Daniel had one of the most viewed profile pages in 2013, and he continues to publish amazing visualizations on a wide variety of topics of interest to Brazilians as well as readers in other parts of the world.

What other data journalism accounts do you follow on Tableau Public?