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8 resources to jumpstart your 2022 Iron Viz entry

Iron Viz is, without doubt, a highlight of working at Tableau, and it always inspires me when I see each year’s entries. The competition has come a long way since the first edition, and it might feel...
1 semana atrás

The Iron Viz 2022 Global Qualifier is now live!

Are you ready? The Iron Viz 2022 Global Qualifier is now live! The ultimate data showdown is back. We are calling on data rockstars (that’s you) from around the world to compete in our annual Iron...
1 semana atrás

A look back at some great data visualizations from 2021

Viz of the Day (VOTD) shows the many ways our community uses Tableau Public to visualize data on topics they’re most passionate about and share their work with thousands of like-minded data...
2 semanas atrás

Tableau Conference 2021 and Beyond

Did you know that the Tableau Conference archive from November 2021 gives you access to 308 unique episodes featuring 811 speakers from across the globe? It also happens to be 100% free to watch...
1 mês atrás

How to get ready for the next Iron Viz competition

With Iron Viz 2021 in the history books, we invited Sarah Bartlett to offer her guidance on the best ways to participate in the next Iron Viz competition. She is uniquely qualified to advise you a...
1 mês atrás

US Public Sector Veterans Day Viz Challenge Results

In the weeks leading up to Tableau Conference, the public sector user community came together to help veterans better understand their benefits and educational options through the GI Bill program....
1 mês atrás

Tableau Public profile glow-up continues with new “Hire Me” button

We announced the beautifully new and improved profile pages in Tableau Public to rave reviews. But wait—there’s more. To complement your sleek Tableau Public profile—complete with a fresh new look...
2 meses atrás
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